Privacy Policy

In the privacy policy section of our website, you are going to collect information regarding the concept of what type of the data is collected by us and how we make it secure. Under the privacy policy, we have made some rules and regulations, which are designed to gather, process, and for the data’s utilization. Our professionals have implemented these rules and regulations, which take care of the privacy and safety of the user’s information provided to us on our website. We also assure that we respect the personal information of the users. This health supplement’s website takes all essential actions into account.

Type of the data to be accumulated

It is important to note that the internet does not gather any data in an automatic manner. However, the data available in the cookies is being collected automatically when a visitor is using the website. A cookie is a small text file sent by our website and stored on the computer that contains the information associated with the use of the website and online portal. There are two types of cookies including permanent or temporary.

Depending on the type of the cookies where the data is stored, the accumulation of the data is being done. Like, if the temporary cookies store the information, then it will be deleted automatically after the closing of the browser. On the other hand, the permanent cookies have the information to be stored permanently like the login details like username, password, or anything else. These are the cookies, which help the website in speeding up the accuracy. It also aids in the utilization of the website.

Our website has many purposes to use the cookies. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • We make use of the cookies to adapt to the page’s content according to the preferences and needs of the users. It is also used for the website optimization. Using the cookies will also help us in recognizing the device of the user where he is using the internet and make the adjustments to the website while opening it.
  • A cookie is also used for preparing statistics, which assist in understanding how the users make use of the website. This way, we use it to enhance the content and the structure of the website.
  • The utilization of the cookies is also done to sustain the user’s session on the website. From the context, it means that there is no need to re-enter the password and login details if you want to open your account again or open the subpage of our website. It is due to the fact that the data is stored on our website with the help of the cookies.

If you do not want to allow us to gather your information, there is a feature for you, with which you can block the cookies or delete the cookies permanently by using some correct options in your web browser. If you experience any issues while deleting the cookies, it is always advised to take the support from the ‘help file’ of the browser or make a direct contact with the browser’s manufacturer you are using.

Along with the cookies, we are also accountable for the collection of the data by the internet system’s administrator under the log files. This kind of information in the logs may include the type of the platform, the web browser, your computer or mobile’s IP address, the address of the page, and the internet provider you have.

What we store when a user registers and perform the purchase of the products?

As we deal in health’s supplements or products, if you are a health conscious person, then the more chances, you will come to our website and may want to communicate with us. While registering and ordering any of the products from our website, we tend to get the below-mentioned data you provide to us:

  • An email address- It is only for registration purposes
  • The date of birth- Used for registration
  • Surname and the first name of the user- if you are going to buy a product with the credit card
  • Address- when you want to purchase a product
  • Telephone or mobile number- Used for communication purposes when you order the product on our website

You can stay tension-free as your information is confidential with us!